Winners Announced!

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Criteria for selecting winners:

  • Compliance scores: We selected these 10 finalists based on checking in daily and establishing healthy lifestyle habits

  • Journal entries:  We looked for participants to set measurable goals and then looked for the participant's reaching of those goals. 

  • Before and After Pics: Participants were required to take photos to track their physical progress.

**Note: From the beginning, the goal of this challenge was to establish sustainable healthy habits. When choosing a winner, please keep in mind all 3 factors.

Voting closed Monday, Dec. 21, 2020, at 11:59 pm. 

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Rashel Adragna

Travis Cunningham

Ross back compiled.jpg
Front - Before & After

"This challenge is exactly what I needed to get me motivated to change my life. I've surpassed all my goals. I lost over 19 lbs and met my body fat % goal. I'm so much happier as I haven’t had a drink of alcohol since the challenge began. I look forward to my daily wod and have developed habits that have transformed me mentally and physically. daily I tracked my nutrition, exercise, stretch, and meditate. I checked in everyday on the app,  and with family and friends. This was my initiation into the Crossfit world and I love it."

Travis back compiled.jpg
Back - Before & After

"I have so much more energy to be active with my kids and family. We go on hikes now and I'm leading the way instead of falling behind. I have many new goals too. Iwant to slim down a little more, and I want to do one fun race a month and compete in a Crossfit challenge, do a spartan race, and a tough mudder. So many opportunities are there for the taking and I'm well on my way. This Challenge hasn't just impacted me, but my family as well."

Front - Before & After

"I’m pumped to report that during the 8 week challenge, my body fat dropped by almost 2% and I dropped below 150lbs. for the first time in years! I also built solid habits around my nutrition. Now I log everything I consume on a daily basis. Stretching daily has become part of my morning routine now and I kept my goal to exercise by doing 30 mins of exercise daily.  Meditation is now part of my daily bedtime routine and that’s been a game changer in my anxiety levels."

Rashel back compiled.png
Back - Before & After

"My motivation for this challenge stemmed from an unfortunate car accident 4 years ago where I wound up with a brain injury, a nasty neck injury and painful nerve damage. I gained a lot of weight after the accident and I haven't been able to stick to a healthy fitness routine without getting re-injured, but I was committed to doing so during this challenge and I did it!  I was truly all in, with a whatever-it-takes attitude and I'm really proud of my results. this is just the beginning, i’m just getting started!"

Grand Prize Winners each receive:

  •  $5,000 cash

  • 1 year free RP Diet app access

  • O2 prize bundle with a $500 value, including 12 packs of O2, O2+ CBD and O2 Merch

  • $100 gift card from Born Primitive

  • 1 Pair Reebok Shoes + $100 Gift Card

  • 1 year supply of Fatso (12 jars),  $100 gift card to Whole Foods, Fatso sweater

  • Zoom consultation with professional chef, Chef Sam Blackburn, Free California Giant Berry Farms berries for a year (via $150 grocery store gift card), Le Creuset cookware

  • ROMWOD mats and 6 month trial for each

  • 1 month supply of probiotics from FitBiomics

  • 1 Year supply of goodrs (12 pairs of select sunglasses)

  • Yeti Camino Carryall Tote, Hopper Flip 12 Cooler, Gallon Jug, 36oz Bottle

  •  Program bundle: PowerAbs, PowerAbs In The Kitchen, Summer PowerAbs, and Extreme PowerAbs

  • 1 Year memberships to the Misfit Pro tier + Misfit Gear Pack

People's Choice Winners.jpg

Mason Thach

Mason Thach front compiled.png
Front - Before & After

"I met my goals: I lost 5-6% Bodyweight and worked out 5x Per Week. I am happiest about my sleep progress!"

Mason Side compiled.png
Side - Before & After

"The RP Diet App was a staple in helping me hit my weight goal. It helped ensure I was acoountable and pushed me."

Arnela Korjenic

Arnela front compile.png
Front - Before & After

 "I accomplished my goals by meal prepping every three days and making sure I was eating 90% whole foods. I worked out 6x a week.  You can workout as hard as you want but if you don't eat right, nothing will change."

Arnela back compile.png
Back - Before & After

"This has by far been hands down my best RP cut in the books. Some of my measurable goals I reached were consuming my gallon of water every single day. My motivation for this challenge was not letting my boyfriend and roommates down, whom I had talked into doing this challenge with me. At week four, I printed old pictures of all of us, how we used to look like, and what the goal was. That way we never lost track of why we started. I wanted to lead by example, and not let my household down."

People's Choice Prize Winners each receive:

  • A trip to a Loud And Live Sports event of your choice. Includes two (2) VIP tickets to attend the event & Travel and hotel accommodations worth up to $1,000.

  • 6 months free RP Diet app access

  • O2 prize bundle with a $200 value, including 12 packs of O2, O2+ CBD and O2 Merch

  • $100 gift card from Born Primitive

  •  $100 Gift Card to Reebok

  • 6 month supply of Fatso (6 jars),  $50 gift card to Whole Foods, Fatso T-shirt

  • Pairing Knife & Cutting Board from California Giant Berry Farms

  • ROMWOD mats and 6 month trial for each

  • 1 month supply of probiotics from FitBiomics

  • 6 pairs of select goodrs sunglasses

  • Yeti Camino Carryall Tote, Gallon Jug, 36oz Bottle

  •  Program bundle: PowerAbs, PowerAbs In The Kitchen, and Summer PowerAbs

  • 6 month memberships to the Misfit Pro tier + Misfit Gear Pack

RRunners up.jpg

Ross Mortimer

Ross Front compiled.jpg
Front - Before & After

 "I had goals across all 5 of the focus points and I admit I struggled with some and did well in others. I did well in the opening weeks with nutrition. I felt like I was accountable to someone other than myself. I fell off a bit after 4 weeks, but this challenge may be over but it showed me how much I can achieve in such a short time when I really focus. Years of standard reps/sets of heavy lifts have left me quite tight in many areas. ROMWOD has been a huge help in that area, it also tied in nicely with my mindfulness as taking 20-50 minutes out of my day to slow down, focus on breathing and center myself became natural and second nature to me."

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Front compiled.jpg
Front - Before & After

"This challenge was about being consistent with my nutrition with RP, working out four days a week and just taking better care of myself. My motivation for this challenge was my best friend's wedding! I felt great in my dress and confident. I really feel like I accomplished my goals with my body composition results. I ended up weighing in right around 67 kg. I’ve lost about 3 kg since we started this challenge."

Ross back compiled.jpg
Back - Before & After

 "I haven't accomplished my goals just yet but that's ok. I'll celebrate little victories along the way but if my goals are always just a little out of reach, then I have something to aim at. I'm not where I want to be physically, but I'm taking the After pics as an acknowledgement to you and to myself that this challenge may be over but i'm not done. so for you they are my 'after' pics, for me they are my 'before 2.0' pics."

Jennifer back compiled.jpg
Back - Before & After

"We just had the second anniversary of the paradise campfire weekend. After surviving that fire, I gained almost 50 pounds. I lost about 30 of them prior to this challenge by being consistent with my workouts and using RP. This challenge has been great for consistency and motivation. I love the FaceBook page and everybody’s posts, it was super inspiring and a great way to connect."

Darryl Jay

Darryl Jay front cimpiled .png
Front - Before & After

"Everyday I woke up with one thing on my I had some memorable days that I'm proud of and I know that without this challenge I would have regressed to the old me. I am honestly in the best shape of my life. I love seeing everyone on the FB group chat to see the positive vibes people are having because that's what it's all about."

Darryl Side compiled.png
Side - Before & After

"In the end I can honestly say I have met my goals, from sleep to fitness and nutrition."

 Sandra Paonessa

Sandra front compiled.jpg
Front - Before & After

"I lost 25 pounds. I haven't had sugar for over 160 days. I was so addicted to sugar. Going that long proves that I can do anything I put my mind and intentions to. I worked out 5-6 days a week. I started with the RP app then went to 1:1 with a RP coach, which was the best thing I could ever do. Seeing my progress and feeling better has motivated me to just keep going and stick to my plan. I wanted to lose at least 25 pounds and I did. I stuck to my nutrition plan. I never went off course. I stuck to my training routine as well.

Sandra back compiled.jpg
Back - Before & After

"I feel so much better and stronger, not only physically but mentally too. I'm not where i want to be, but I'm on the right course to get to where I want to be. and I will not be going off that course. I still have lots to go but it's a good start."

Arnold Robinson

Arnold back compiled .jpg
Front - Before & After

"I accomplished everything I set out to do. I did not drink the entire time and did not cheat on my diet one time. I ate 100% perfectly the entire 8 weeks. I found a combination of macros that worked for me the first week and I still had enough energy to work out twice a day 6+ days a week and work a full time job and run two small companies. My first two weeks were miserable but my body adjusted and I felt mostly good throughout the challenge. there were rough times occasionally but overall I felt just fine. I lost 34 pounds. The weight came off consistently."

Arnold back compiled.jpg
Back - Before & After

"The number one way that I know this was a success is that I am not burnt out from my diet. I had a few recovery days but I missed my challenge diet and I am now back on it. I liked the way I felt when I was eating right. I plan to be 215 by February at the latest and I have no doubts I will get there."

Mandi Blenn

Mandie front compiled.jpg
Front - Before & After

"My motivation for the challenge was to gain a grasp of what performance milestones I could achieve in 8 weeks with a focused effort on the building blocks of physiological adaptation. Over the course of the 8 weeks, I PR’d many of my gymnastics movements and lifts. I was able to maintain performance consistently on the upper end of my lift numbers. My motivation was pretty consistent throughout the course of the 8 weeks until the last week where there was a dramatic shift in my daily routine with additional restrictions put in place for COVID containment. My goal then shifted to managing through the changes - outside of a plummeting training volume score without access to my usual equipment, the rest of my metrics remained in line."

Mandi back compiled.jpg
Back - Before & After

  "I maintained a daily journal that I aggregated weekly to compile my score trends. This allowed me to capture the wins, opportunities, and reflections on the day and be able to look back and learn from them later. Additionally, I developed a few new habits along the way of going on a walk in the morning before work, having a solid deadline to 'clock out' and take a break in the evenings to focus on exercising and my own mental health, and establishing a more consistent sleep hygiene routine to optimize recovery."

Runner's Up Winners each receive:

  • 3 months free RP Diet app access

  • O2 prize bundle with a $100 value, including 12 packs of O2 and O2 Merch

  • $50 gift card from Born Primitive

  • $50 Gift Card to Reebok

  • 3 pack of Fatso peanut butter

  • Williams Sonoma Berry Colander, Cutting Board, Coupons for California Giant Berry Farms

  • 6 month trial for each winner from ROMWOD

  • 1 month supply of probiotics from FitBiomics

  • 2 pairs of select goodrs sunglasses

  • Yeti Camino Carryall Tote and 36oz Bottle

  •  Programs from PowerAbs: PowerAbs and PowerAbs In The Kitchen

  • 3 month memberships to the Misfit Pro tier + Misfit Gear Pack