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Fitness Programs in the ReNew YOU Challenge

While the various incentives and tools associated with tackling the ReNew You Challenge are plentiful, arguably none are greater than the fitness programming included for participants by some of the very best in the industry.


We’re proud to have partnered with four of the most renowned coaches & subject-matter experts to provide three distinct tracks of daily workouts for participants of all abilities, experience, and equipment, as well as weekly accessory programming for your core and mobility.


Simply by registering, you’ll receive access to 5-days a week of programming from NCFit & MisFit Athletics, and weekly routines from PowerAbs & ROMWOD.


Here’s how it works: First off, your journey towards long-lasting self-improvement is yours, and while we’re providing you with the tools we hope will bolster your gains, you can do whatever you’d like for fitness (as long as it works for you.) 

However, if you plan on using the resources provided, on the Sunday before the start of each week, the entire week’s workouts will be posted and found on the programming section of your dashboard. This will include programming for Monday through Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, while Thursday & Sunday will be considered rest days. 


ROMWOD will be published on Thursdays for active recovery, and PowerAbs will be published on Fridays.


Our recommendation is to pick one track of the three primary programs, and make sure to do your core and accessory work each week as well.


Interested in learning more about the fitness programming included with registration? Find below a brief overview of each program so you can make the best choice for you.



Primary Programs - 


NCX by NCFit

Their traditional functional fitness program, it combines strength training with functional conditioning to bring you a highly effective eight-week program.


We recommend NCX if you have at least an hour a day to train, access to a fully stocked gym, and are well-versed in CrossFit, looking to improve.


Equipment needs are all typical things found in a CrossFit gym, including a barbell, dumbbells, pull-up bar, jump rope, rower, and bike. Non-traditional equipment won’t be found!


Learn more here.





While designed for the person with limited time, equipment, and space, NCGo is meant ot be hit at home, on the road, or “on the go.” 


Increasing overall fitness and bolstering longevity in health and movement are the primary goals of this NCFIT program. Building stronger humans, both mentally and physically, that are able to move well and live their life to the fullest.


While the workouts will be simple in structure, the week will still be hard!

The equipment needs include your bodyweight, a pair of dumbbells (any weight, as weight prescriptions won’t be delivered- up to you to decide,) a jump rope, and a mat.


Learn more here.



Misfit Anywhere

This program focuses on people looking to facilitate a healthy lifestyle who may not have access to a gym or loads of equipment. Five days a week you will find both a strength session and conditioning sessions, as well as bonus extra credit work that will build up throughout the 8 weeks.


For equipment, the essentials needed are a pair of dumbbells and a jump rope. However, if you’ve got a barbell, a piece of cardio equipment (bike/rower,) and a pull-up bar, these will get programmed as well, but aren’t required.


Learn more here.



Accessory Programs




Move better by slowing down, in order to get both stronger and faster. You will be able to boost your athletic progression and optimize your range of motion through workouts focused on your recovery. Every Thursday, supplement these for “active recovery.” 


While a mat is recommended, the only thing required is a clear mind, and ten to twenty minutes.


Learn more here.






PowerAbs is designed to work your entire core every Friday. Each workout is only 10 minutes and is designed to trim your waist and sculpt definition with no equipment needed.


Plan on hitting this in addition to what you’re doing that day for general fitness, or fit it in on your rest day.


Learn more here.




What’s left to do now if you plan on joining in on the fun? 

Find the primary program that works best for you out of those detailed above by reading more at the “learn more” links and by reading the samples on your dashboard. Check your dashboard under programming each Sunday to find your week’s workouts, and just show up. 


Positive change happens one rep, one workout, and one day a time, and the programming resources provide you with more than enough to create a long-lasting fitness and a greater quality of life.


You can’t go wrong if you stick with it for the full eight weeks, and we guarantee you’ll be glad you did.


Contact us if you have any questions.

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