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The ReNew You Challenge is here to help you challenge yourself to reach your goals. Often reaching a goal is its own reward, but we have some others up for grabs as well!


We will have 10 Overall Challenge winners

2 Grand Prize winners of $5K each in cash prizes (1 Male &1 Female)

2 People's Choice winners of a trip to Wodapalooza (1 Male & 1 Female) 
6 Runner- Up winners of prize packages from Partners ( 3 Male & 3 Female)


How to win?

We will choose the 10 Overall Challenge winners according to the following criteria:

1) Daily Check-ins on your personal ReNew You Dashboard. You'll have the opportunity to check in each day and record how closely you're sticking to your goals. Winners will be judged according to their daily check-in rate.

2) Your journal entries on your ReNew You Dashboard, which include important written answers to questions that will be posed at the start & finish of the challenge about your motivation, and what you feel like you've accomplished over the eight weeks.

3) Reaching your goals, as evidenced by progress photos and stated goals submitted at the beginning and end of the challenge.

For full Contest Rules, please click here.

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